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As the prowess of the internet is growing tremendously every business uses blogging as a necessary part to enhance the chances to being more visible. Here at Zoondia, we create great new contents to engage and to understand our customers.


Why Successful Businesses Choose Custom Software Over Off-the-Shelf Products?

Post Date : 12-Nov-2020
In a digital age, as of now, every company is in dire need to automate at least some of their business processes. And for this reason, working without software has become seemingly impossible in this competitive world. Every company seeking...
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Outsource Software Development Projects Successfully in 2020

Post Date : 27-Oct-2020
The apparent trend acceleration during the COVID-19 pandemic is the work-from-home movement and its corporate viability. With accordant productivity and optimal operations, it highlights the efficacy of remote teams. However, with remote professionals on the rise, the engineering shortage has...
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Post Date : 02-Oct-2020
Since the advent of globalization and advanced networking, hiring in-house development team is not the only option. IT Staff Augmentation is a flexible outsourcing strategy that enables you to hire tech talent globally and manage your augmented team directly. You...
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Why Robotic Process Automation is perfect for Supply Chain and Logistics

Post Date : 14-Sep-2020
Technology is flooding the freight industry, leveraging apps to streamline singular tasks like load matching, and checking in and paying carriers — tasks that not too long ago were completed manually is now taken over by automation intelligence. Frankly, it’s...
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How Mobile App Development Transforms the VR Landscape

Post Date : 26-Aug-2020
Virtual reality is expanding and on the verge of exploding. A significant reason is the increasing demand for mobile VR apps. It is no doubt that it is a VR brings massive opportunity to mobile app development companies. The tech...
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