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As the prowess of the internet is growing tremendously every business uses blogging as a necessary part to enhance the chances to being more visible. Here at Zoondia, we create great new contents to engage and to understand our customers.


Why do your small businesses need custom software solutions for ensuring growth and success?

Post Date : 25-May-2022
Every small business requires custom software for running its operations smoothly and efficiently. Earlier it was all done manually by a set of people.  But later on, with the advancement in technologies, everyone began to transform their business to the...
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How Technology is Transforming Healthcare and why you should adopt it?

Post Date : 20-May-2022
Digital healthcare is the trend right now. The adoption of digital transformation in the healthcare sector became much more prevalent after the spread of Coronavirus across the world.  Earlier it was there in the developed countries for accessing healthcare. But...
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A Guide on Single Page Applications or SPAs

Post Date : 13-May-2022
The traditional desktop applications have been replaced by web applications. The web application is now advanced and makes use of Single Page Applications (SPAs) rather than multiple-page applications (MPA s). Well, if you are not informed about the Single Page...
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Event Booking Mobile App Development Features 2022

Post Date : 10-May-2022
Event Booking mobile application is one of the most used mobile apps by people all over the world. The ease and comfort that it provides to the ticket buyers are huge when compared to the traditional means.    The ticket...
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A Guide on Sports App Development 

Post Date : 29-Apr-2022
Sports App development requires very much care and attention, if it has to yield proper results. If you are running a sports-based business or delivering services related to the sports industry, then you should definitely own a sports app.  The...
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