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As the prowess of the internet is growing tremendously every business uses blogging as a necessary part to enhance the chances to being more visible. Here at Zoondia, we create great new contents to engage and to understand our customers.


Evaluating Cloud Technology Solutions for your Business

Post Date : 07-Apr-2021
The digital transformation of cloud technology solutions has touched almost every industry and continues to revolutionize how businesses operate. Roughly 94% of enterprises utilize cloud-based services in some way, according to a study conducted in 2019. It’s crucial to carefully...
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Key Technology Trends in the Travel and Tourism Industry for 2021

Post Date : 30-Mar-2021
Technology acts a vital part in the travel and tourism industry, helping businesses with day-to-day operations, while also offering better customer experience. Hence it is important that hotels, airlines, restaurants and other companies keep up with the latest technology trends...
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Are Mobile Apps Easing Banking Activities?

Post Date : 26-Mar-2021
When it comes to the most used smartphone applications, mobile banking apps rank third after social media apps and weather apps, as more consumers are turning to them to manage their finances more effectively. The results for millennials are in...
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Futuristic AR In The Healthcare Industry

Post Date : 24-Mar-2021
Technology has brought a massive yet welcome change to the healthcare industry. Patients can now access some of the best diagnostic tools, new and cutting-edge treatments, and a myriad of minimally-invasive procedures resulting in less pain and quicker healing. The...
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Importance of Data Analytics in an Organization

Post Date : 19-Mar-2021
To improve and enhance the performance and profit is the main goal for any organization. With the help of data analytics large amount of information can be analyzed and processed to be made to useful data for future analysis. By...
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