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Empower Your Home Service Management with XZI – HOM

Zoondia's XZI–HOM is an innovative and comprehensive home service management product. It is designed to digitise and automate various aspects of the home service industry, providing seamless experiences for both service providers and customers.

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Discover the power of XZI – HOM, the innovative mobile application designed to revolutionise the way you manage home services.Here's a glimpse of what you can expect from our XZI – HOM App.

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What is XZI–HOM?

XZI – HOM is a mobile application that offers a comprehensive technology suite for home service management. It connects service seekers with service providers and provides a seamless platform for scheduling, managing, and tracking home services.

How can I use XZI–HOM?

As a service seeker, you can download the XZI – HOM app, create an account, and browse through various home services. You can select a service, schedule an appointment, and communicate with service providers through the app.

Can I track the status of my service requests?

Yes, XZI–HOM allows you to track the status of your service requests in real-time. You will receive updates and notifications regarding the progress of your appointments.

How do service providers benefit from XZI–HOM?

Service providers can create professional profiles, showcase their services, and connect with a broader customer base through XZI–HOM. They can receive service requests, manage their appointments, and build their reputation through ratings and reviews.



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