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Zoondia's Slot Booking Application is a user-friendly and versatile solution designed to simplify the process of scheduling and managing appointments, reservations, and time slots. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our application and take your appointment and reservation management to the next level. Contact us today!

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Can customers book appointments or time slots online?

Yes, Zoondia's Slot Booking Application allows customers to book appointments or reserve time slots online. Customers can access the application through a web portal or mobile app and choose their desired date, time, and service.

How does the application prevent double bookings?

The application prevents double bookings by displaying the real-time availability of time slots. When a customer selects a specific time slot, it is marked as booked and no longer available for others to book. This ensures that multiple customers cannot book the same time slot simultaneously.

Can businesses customise the services offered in the application?

Yes, Zoondia's Slot Booking Application supports service customization. Businesses can configure the services they offer, including service types, durations, pricing structures, and any other specific requirements.

Does the application support staff management and scheduling?

Yes, the application includes features for staff management and scheduling. It allows businesses to manage their staff availability, assign staff members to specific time slots or services, and ensure optimal utilisation of resources.



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