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E-Commerce App

E-Commerce App

E-commerce App aim at transforming your shopping experience by bringing all shops near to you with essential household products at one place. The app can also be customized to single shop selling products.


The system modules are


1. Customer Mobile app

Hypermarket App, strive to meet the high expectations of customers and ensure that each store provides them with quality, variety, and money savings.

Dashboard: Customers can get the list of Hypermarkets near to their location.

Hypermarket Detail: Customers can view the details of each Hypermarket and also see the Products available in each Hypermarket.

Search and Category: Customer can search the desired product by categories without scrolling all list

Cart & Buy Products: Customers can use the cart system to add products they need and buy them.

Choose Delivery Type: Customers can choose the type of delivery; Either by using the delivery system or by picking up the order from Hypermarket directly and conveniently.

Orders: Customers can see current order statuses & past orders.

Review and Share: The customer can share & review the app.

2. Admin Web Portal

Admin Portal Have a Super Admin who manages the entire system and Sub Admins ( Store Managers ) who handle their corresponding Stores.

Manage Customers and Stores: Super Admin can manage the Customers and Store Managers in the system.

Categories & Sub-Categories: Super Admin can create unlimited categories & sub-categories.

Store: Store Managers can add their stores and app products to the store.

Orders: Store Managers can manage the orders made from their corresponding stores.

Stock Update: This option allows sub admin to update stock of products in their store.

Order Status: Store manager can change order statuses.

Assign Delivery boy: Store manager can assign the order to the Delivery boy.

Invoicing & Payments: Track invoice payment status for the orders your customers have placed with the app.

3. Delivery boy Mobile App

Order Details: Delivery boy can see order details

Order Status: Delivery boy can mark orders delivered & can take customer signature as proof.

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