Automation in real estate changing the future

Unlock the Value of Automation for your Real Estate Business

The present world witnesses an era of automation to excel in business operations, marketing, and sales. However, accurate knowledge about automation is of significant importance to achieve the desired end....

Unlock the Value of Automation for your Real Estate BusinessPost Date : 30-Jun-2021Zoondia

The present world witnesses an era of automation to excel in business operations, marketing, and sales. However, accurate knowledge about automation is of significant importance to achieve the desired end. Here’s the perfect information by Zoondia,  Top automation company for the real estate business, which could get your business to the summit of profit.


Real Estate Automation

Reducing human efforts by engaging tools is what automation is all about.

Customer requirements can be dealt with ease once automation is implemented in a company. Organizing client lists, keeping track of correspondence, and compiling available listings can turn out to be the most tedious tasks ever. Imagine automating these tasks, which would increase the accuracy, as human errors can be avoided in automation and broaden your customer base.  


The pandemic, Covid 19, has urged most business activities including Real Estate to function online. This could be made more effective than the offline business if the agent makes use of the right technology. Several elements might remain at stake or risk amidst such a crisis causing poor lead management, tenant screening, appointment coordination, and documentation along with debased supervision, all of which can be improved and well-executed consistently with the help of automation.


Automating workflows


The most dreary and drudging work involved for agents includes filing documents, open houses, arranging meetings, creating monetary calculations for future operations, and mainly, maintaining client databases and emails. Once these could be automated, the agents can focus on more important aspects leaving these tasks out of their daily concern. Instead, they shall have more time and space to give heed to more core elements in their business and finally prompt the clients to close deals within a short span of time.


Real Estate organizations can make use of Process Automation software to organize and manage activities such as rescheduling showings and open houses. Furthermore, you shall also maintain a steady follow-up with your clients in order via emails despite accumulating data for the other employees to work on. 


Effective Marketing 

Being the first is crucial in such an agile industry. Interested buyers should be attracted and responded to without delay or else you lose your client. Automating marketing can be profoundly rewarding as it could automatically collect leads and save databases and give intimation on new leads and their interests. Apart from collection, these leads shall be channelized into categorized lists that could be personalized. Automating software can make all these happen besides sending emails and timely reminders. You can create introductory emails to begin the conversation whereby agents shall attach property details that would be both appealing and captivating to buyers. You can rely on Zoondia for more information on how you could develop your marketing strategies to stand ahead in this fast-paced industry.


Automating Property Management


Several agents find property management an intractable aspect. Once you are subscribed to a Real Estate CRM such as Lion Desk, you shall make use of its property management functions. With this, you will be able to track closings, automate tasks and even manage deadlines. The several stages such as maneuvering properties, their progress, defects, and maintenance apart from coordinating with other projects have made property automation a quintessential fact in the real estate industry.


Optimizing the entire process is the prime motive of property automation. Managing projects could be done more efficiently as all the related workforce can be integrated by using collaborative automating software, thereby harmonizing the staff, process, communication and documentation under a central unit. On the other hand, AI-based chatbots can also be effective in this field as they help instant communication with clients all through the day. Above all, accuracy and precision in communication and service shall be maintained, which acts as the major ingredient in flourishing one’s business.


Extended Automation


Automation can even be extended to financial transactions and field inspections. Companies can maintain a centralized system for managing and streamlining financial dealings. Accounting which is normally a challenging and confounding task can be automated to make procedures easier. The purchase orders can be tracked and shall be paid to the vendors once the company has approved them. What comforts you more is that timely notifications shall be sent to accounts payable and receivable besides having real-time visibility into transactions. 

Home inspections should be done with utmost care. An error in this could get the client to back out from the deal for this cause alone. Zoondia can help you in this as well, by providing a field app for your company which could ease the job of your field inspectors as well as project managers The templates and checklist available shall aid them to complete the already scheduled inspection effortlessly. Thus the creation and editing of reports will be a click away.



Automation has turned out to be a necessity in the real estate industry. The right choice of automation is what you need to make your company and business more organized and eliminate manual errors and delays. The proper real estate automation software shall enable you to share the right information at the appropriate place, which maximizes the rate of profit return. You shall communicate with Zoondia for the best automation services for real estate operations and valued guidance that could accustom your business to even better positions.