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Trends that Will Take Over IT Industry in 2022

No one would disagree with the fact that 2020 and 2021 were almost unpredictable due to the pandemic outbreak. Hence, making predictions these days is a risky exercise. From the...

Trends that Will Take Over IT Industry in 2022Post Date : 20-Jan-2022zoondia

No one would disagree with the fact that 2020 and 2021 were almost unpredictable due to the pandemic outbreak. Hence, making predictions these days is a risky exercise. From the technological point of view, what should we expect in 2022? Experts in the IT industry have made many predictions, and some of them could actually happen this year! 

Our tech geeks have tried to put together five trends that will accompany us in these 12 months. Of course, it should be noted right away that the forecasts presented below are based only on those technologies and innovations, of which we have already come across. Therefore, it should be clear that other discoveries can happen to capture these time period predictions. However, we do offer a look at what we can expect shortly. 

Improvement in AI and human connection 

 For nearly a decade, security professionals have applied AI in defence against cyberattacks, from threat detection to autonomous micro-decisions to respond to attacks at machine speed. However, advances in cybersecurity may not be tied only to these advanced mathematical algorithms in the future. In fact, in 2022, innovation will be generated through the explainable AI, the explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), equipped with the ability to explain the logic of decisions that characterize the strengths and weaknesses of the decision-making process, and provide indications about their future behavior.

Technology will become more human-centered 

Digital transformation will continue to exist, but it will be increasingly human-centered to create an even closer link between customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX), a bond that drives the competitive advantage of companies and generates an increase in productivity.

New programming languages 

Coding is getting more uniform, and the practices improve every day. However, experts foresee that new programming languages will progress more, and the old ones like C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript might fade a bit from the limelight. Hence, software development companies and web service companies should look more into the new programming languages. 

Hybrid software development 

Applications are developed separately for Android and iOS platforms. However, the development and maintenance involved in this pave the way for hybrid or cross-platform development. Businesses can rely on one code base to support two application platforms through cross-platform development. This helps in cost reduction and saves time as well. 

Software development outsourcing or nearshore software development 

Outsourcing has become more common and popular with the outbreak of pandemic culture. Nearshore software development eliminates the geographic boundaries and time zone differences by collaborating with people from different parts of the world for one common interest, i.e., work. The idea of outsourcing makes software development less complicated and has more benefits. 

Let’s empower your business for everything predictable & unpredictable.

There can be many changes and transformations that the year might bring into the field of information and technology. These five predictions for the future of IT 2022 might get faster or slower depending upon various external factors. However, knowing the upcoming trends in the IT industry would help any business make future-proof decisions and strategies.

We, at Zoondia look forward to technological trends and predictions with much enthusiasm to develop more enhanced solutions for every business. We can help you with the latest technology solutions and services to grow your business! Don’t let yourself fall behind in the rat race, connect to us to be digitally empowered.