Top EdTech platform ideas that enhances the education system

Top EdTech platform ideas to enhance education system

Looking for Top EdTech platform ideas? Read on… EdTech is the abbreviation for education technology, which is committed to creating and using technologies in the classroom to create a more...

Top EdTech platform ideas to enhance education systemPost Date : 07-Nov-2022zoondia

Looking for Top EdTech platform ideas? Read on…

EdTech is the abbreviation for education technology, which is committed to creating and using technologies in the classroom to create a more engaging and personalised learning experience. 

EdTech includes interactive displays, virtual classrooms, and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). EdTech platforms aim to improve student results, increase their learning capacities, and lessen the teaching burden on teachers.

It is expected to increase the worldwide Edtech market by $112.39 billion at a 17.85% yearly growth rate in the next five years!

Well, this article plans to give you certain ideas on the top EdTech platform ideas that help to enhance the education system. As a player in the education sector, one can even try to adopt these ideas to their business.



When can classroom technology succeed? It succeeds when it helps both the instructors and students by making the process of learning productive and enjoyable. 

Zoondia, a custom software development company, provides you with a list of marketable technical company ideas that, when correctly executed, will pave the path for your startup’s cash windfall.

  • Special Software Approach For Special Students

Children with physical and mental problems require a different approach to schooling. Majority of them require unusual ways and learning approaches to master a subject or gain some information and abilities due to dyslexia, ADHD, or autism. 

Parents and instructors all over the world fight to provide quality education to disabled pupils, and the latest classroom technology may be of tremendous assistance in this regard.

So the best technological project ideas for such students range from employing motion sensors to give adaptive kinematic learning. It also allows training them to be self-sufficient  for real-time remote learning.

By capitalising on these technological company ideas, you will not only start a profitable firm, but you will also make an essential social commitment.

  • Enhancing Visualization Techniques

This is another sector in which visual learning abilities are fully employed. Reading long texts is dull and unproductive as a method of gaining knowledge for many pupils (particularly younger ones). 

Visualising concepts and technological company ideas, on the other hand, is an excellent approach to maintain attention, improve memory recall, and flatten the learning curve. 

So, while considering education app ideas for kids, you should make use of this hook, line, and sinker facility, and contemporary AI technologies give all options for it.

  • e-book Learning App

Reading books is always therapeutic. However, borrowing books from libraries has become an outdated method. Students now prefer eBooks that can be found on the custom software applications.

An eBook learning application allows students to read and study anything at any time. Thus, this becomes one of the top EdTech platform ideas. Students can download the app and carry it with them wherever they go. They can also save and highlight lines on their reading page to help them discover material quickly or later. Such an EdTech company concept will undoubtedly acquire traction.



There are multiple EdTech platform ideas which help to enhance your education system. If you are an active player in the education sector, then make sure you adopt the best EdTech platform ideas. So, the process of learning becomes both enjoyable and active!

Contact Zoondia, to adopt the best EdTech platform ideas to boost your education startup firm!

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