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The value of content before website design

Deciding whether content or website design should come first in website development is more like the “Chicken or Egg dilemma”. Assuming the absolute, there are two possibilities 1. Design First,...

The value of content before website designPost Date : 21-Feb-2020Zoondia

Deciding whether content or website design should come first in website development is more like the
“Chicken or Egg dilemma”.

Assuming the absolute, there are two possibilities

1. Design First, Fill the content later.
2. Frame the content and design accordingly (content-first design).

But first things first.

What is Content-first designing?

Content first web design is the process of designing and developing a website around the content needed to communicate the brand image and value. Both sides of the argument ultimately lead to a single
outcome, a well-defined website that looks good and fits well with the content.

Why is content-first design preferred over design-first strategy?

Again, it is important to consider the question ‘Why?’ , but generally speaking, here are the reasons.

At Zoondia, we have noticed that wire frames tend to kill creativity. We have a multidisciplinary team for
web development consisting of UX designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, testers and
visual content creators.

But once the web designers has created a wire frame, it is hard for many content creators to think out of box, and they end up coloring the wire frame.

As a top web development company, Zoondia naturally cares about providing valuable service and information to website visitors and staying focused on user intent and mindset. When you emphasize the content-first approach, it becomes inevitable that you are putting the consumers in the spotlight.

The content-first approach is an excellent strategy for leading software developers and web designers to consider while putting together an incredible website packed with all the goodies that a website visitor
can expect from the website.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

But content offers the full picture.

When you have the content before designing, you can create a brand with the design. If you do not have
the content, your designer is skating on thin ice. As said in the online world, CONTENT IS KING. And
for the king to do his job, the design should be built around the content.

We cannot deny the importance of best web design in software development, as it is impossibly intertwined with content and one cannot live without the other.

Web design is the perfect queen for the king.

Both should never compete with each other for attention, rather must seamlessly blend to create a great user experience and work efficiently.

More than two birds with one stone
Content is the structural building block of any web development process. Putting the content first has its perks like:

• Content shapes your design – The users may be piqued with the design of the website, but what keeps them hooked is the content, it is the reason your audience visits your website. A design without content is just a decoration.

• No more last-minute costly delays and unnecessary frustration – Content before design helps avoid last-minute change in designs or content and will save you time in the long run. This can help keep a custom software web development process smooth.

• User enhanced, functional and effective web development – Content shouldn’t be the aftermath, the site will perform better when you are thoughtful and measured in the quality and quantity of the content you meant to deliver and how it works with the design.

Content is why people visit a website, design exists to enhance and highlight the content thereby navigate the user throughout their digital experience.

Being one of the best website development companies in India, Zoondia, gives priority to your business needs and what your website visitors look for while designing and developing your website.

We aim at making you feel proud of how your website looks and the functionality it offers to your visitors
with a blended approach on user-intent software development and engaging website designs. If you think we may be able to help you or your organization, please reach out to

Peace out!