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How does an effective team management app help you escalate your production!!!

Primary requisite for a Competent and Potent Team Management Software your company craves.   Digital transformation of your organizational workflows and resources is one of the key factors that determine...

How does an effective team management app help you escalate your production!!!Post Date : 06-Aug-2021Zoondia

Primary requisite for a Competent and Potent Team Management Software your company craves.


Digital transformation of your organizational workflows and resources is one of the key factors that determine the effective functioning of the organization. In the absence of comprehensive task management software, your work team might lose a lot of valuable time that could be made productive otherwise. Zoondia, being the best app development company has designed TeamTraq to automate and digitize your field sales operations with our enterprise-grade, on-premise and custom build field management and team management system. 


How does an effective team management app help you escalate your production!!!


Interactive Dashboard

The team management app provides an interactive dashboard that enables employers to keep track of all the activities related to sales and others that happens within the organization which eventually enables the effective monitoring of every action in detail in real-time. The dashboard facilitates even better features such as creating interactive lists where one can add all the upcoming lists along with maintaining deadlines. Having to-do lists and monitoring them daily can be made a lot easier with such an app. Zoondia is one of the best app development companies that created such an application as TeamTraq.


Managing Employee details


The app provides a detailed view of the employees which is of utmost importance, apparently making it effortless for employers to keep track of the list of employees working under the organization, even though there are several branches for the firm. It further details the daily tasks assigned to each employee, along with the branch name, salary drawn and above all provides a performance scale that gives a better understanding of where to improve for better productivity. 


Map view for a store search


This feature enables you to keep track of stores as easily as locating places on a google map which enables agents to keep a track of the stores, helping agents to reach them without delay and mistakes. 


The app administers a management system that is more applicable for wholesale shops and enterprises to aid the payment collection and associated activities.


Zoondia has developed an extremely synthesized application similar to the TeamTraq, for team management to be carried out with rigor. The TeamTraq app that Zoondia provides has several outstanding peculiarities and has two modules in its operations. 


Module 1 – Agent Mobile App


The mobile app provides the agent with all the information and essential tools they require to work effectively. The agents find it highly interactive as they would be able to view their daily tasks directly on their screen enabling them to plan their actions accordingly. Apart from that, a calendar is maintained to keep them updated by providing new customer information, product inquiry and orders. 


Real-time communication is made possible as the agents can maintain a steady follow-up via calls and emails based on order status. This is the key to customer satisfaction as immediate response and prompt action are what the contemporary consumer world demands. 


Location sharing is yet another feature that implements better supervision on your employees as you get real-time GPS coordinates of your field employees and shall be able to supervise more accurately. 


Presenting Reports


Field representatives can keep a track of visit outcomes and follow-up tasks right from the app. It equips the reps with the necessary information they need to keep a constant and complete track of tasks, thereby facilitating effective service to clients. 


Team Chat facility


TeamTraq empowers your team with an effective communicative system, capacitating the team with a real-time chat facility, for instantly posting group messages or chatting in person with another. This would enable the team to maintain healthy and effective communication which could amplify the functioning of the team. 


Module 2 – Admin Web Portal


TeamTraq is the best app developed to make sales effective. The app endows an admin web portal which in effect shall aid employers to have complete control over the filed agent’s activities. 


A Powerful Dashboard is a key to explicit interaction with the agents. The web panel has been thoughtfully designed for various business sectors that empowers the employers with complete access to the agent’s tasks as well as on any sale operations. This, in turn, accredits to keep a steady track of the problems in sales that would endorse proper solutions at the right time, to ensure a better customer experience. The mobile app development companies often aim at giving their clients accuracy and precision in their sales as it brings about huge progress in sales. 


Task Re-scheduling and Real-time monitoring are the other add-on features for the admin web portal. Based on the intuitive dispatch workflow tasks shall be assigned to field agents. At the same time, employers or managers shall maintain constant communication. Even more advantageous is the real-time monitoring of the location and task completion of agents which ensures proper service so that unnecessary delay shall be avoided. Besides, a list of all the field agents shall be stored with the latest updates.


Invoice payments made by a customer with the representatives shall be monitored as well with the help of our best app service, TeamTraq. Alternatively, sales orders could be centralized, across various teams, avoiding confusion and centralized monitoring on all aspects of sales. Finally, the app ensures a surge into the details of the numerous task performed by your field agents. 




To ensure increased field sales productivity and better customer experience you need to digitize your team for which you need to be equipped with the best software to manage the team. Zoondia is the best app development company that provides you with the leading app for team management, TeamTraq. Choosing the best app development company that develops the precise app based on your requirement would guarantee profit. Being the best app in the industry, we warrant our clients with full-field sales automation, higher sales, and lead and new revenue streams.


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