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Our outlook on top tech trends for 2020

A whole new decade has begun. 2020 will definitely prove to be a revolutionary year for the tech world and we can’t wait to see what the future would look...

Our outlook on top tech trends for 2020Post Date : 10-Jan-2020By Admin- Zoondia

A whole new decade has begun.

2020 will definitely prove to be a revolutionary year for the tech world and we can’t wait to see what the future would look like. Since we have stepped into the new year, it only compels to look back into the best of the passing year and anticipate the coming decade.

The trends of 2020 will mostly be an extension of the already existing technology. But the change in the digital ecosystem pushes us into introspecting the business strategies of the future.
In an attempt to feed the hunger of tech-passionate senses, here is our pool of tech outlook to invest in 2020.

Age of Voice-as-UI-Language
In 2020, AI-fuelled voice systems will dominate human interactions with more responsiveness and creativity. To be honest, we are still screaming at Siri. 2020 will mark the beginning of voice-as-UI-Language for digital marketing, sales and primarily customer services.

AI chat bots will become mandatory to boost sharp brand image and be the preferred mode of customer interaction. AI and Machine learning will have a new meaning and whoever has no experience with voice systems will soon lose touch with the rest of the world.

Everything-as-a-service will be a thing
Xaas business model will push traditional market to global platforms. Xaas is about to gain momentum by combining product with services and help businesses innovate faster and strengthen customer relationship by providing value which includes insights on data from their IoT powered devices.

Reimagining industries with DARQ
Distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, extended reality and quantum computing. As each of these technologies matures, it can be used individually or better in a combination to create strategic solutions for a fresh problem or an existing problem in new ways and deliver individualised “in-the-moment experiences.

We are beginning to see the real face of blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies. The true rise of practical blockchain starts in 2020 as a provider of transaction security with improved encryption facility to solidify data integrity, thereby providing traceability and transparency.

Augmented and virtual reality have been around for quite some time now. They are about to fly to another height of extended reality. And it is predicted to make more than $162 billion by 2021. Every industry, importantly healthcare, transportation and tourism will be the ones to take most advantage of this tech.

Zoondia is moving farther and bolder into the future pursuing R&D in all four of the DARQ technology areas and help delivering cutting-edge innovations to the world.

New networks new possibilities
It is hard to ignore the positives of 5G. It was introduced last year, but still is in limited operation across the world. With bigger telecommunication names involved ,2020 will bear the witness of 5G implementation across the world.

It will enhance the efficiency of online tasks that might otherwise be interrupted by a slow internet connection. It is predicted that in 2020, 5G will be intensified to be implemented and won’t be limited to phones.

5G will ensure enhanced operation of IOT- smart city initiatives and all technologies which need the aid of internet, which is every single tech.

Distributed Clouds and Data Analytics
It is said, data is the new oil.

With automation and every IoT devices around the city and our homes, Big data is about to get bigger.

But what is the deal with all this data? Flying blind is more an option.

There will be far too much information which can’t be overlooked. These information is valuable consumer data which is to be collected, processed and turned to insights for future requirements.

Adopting a sophisticated tool to identify the problem and solution is the future. We need to evolve to edge computing and distributed cloud architecture where the resources on centralised cloud and edge are combined to form an extended cloud atmosphere.

As the 5G deployments hit the networks, hybrid clouds along with IOT and Ledger technology, can serve the purpose of providing integrity, openness, accountability, competence and consistency.

Digital ethics and privacy regulations
No tech is complete without security and data privacy policies. Digital ethics and PR has been one of the top strategic technology in 2019 and will continue to do so in 2020.

While corporate companies put data privacy under cloud security. Small businesses can step up their security measures by moving to enterprise cybersecurity and adoption of data platforms offering application for specific tasks

New decade, new changes, new challenges. Make no mistakes.

It is good when a business is in the competitive market, but tough to stay in the field when you are outdated.

Zoondia has embraced the changes, when will you?

Be brave enough to jump into executing these trends with Zoondia to reshape the future.

Peace out!!