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Where is the medical industry on its digital mastery journey?

The transformative power of technology is evident in the medical industry like none other. As the superpower species on earth, man has been always on the never-ending journey of making...

Where is the medical industry on its digital mastery journey?Post Date : 17-May-2019By Admin - Zoondia

The transformative power of technology is evident in the medical industry like none other. As the superpower species on earth, man has been always on the never-ending journey of making a machine to work for himself and making it the ‘all known’. The yearning for a better life led the humankind to invent all that we witness now and will for the years to come.

Since the dawn of civilization, health care has never been this alive as of now.

But why do we suddenly find ourselves in the midst of rapid digitalization, when the internet has been around for decades? Unless someone has been living under the rocks, we witnessed the capacity of technology and the combinatorial effect of its advancement in the last few years.

Now there is no turning away from the fact that digital transformation is not just a passing cloud. It is an earnest endeavor and is here to stay.

What is the promise of digital transformation?

It is essentially breaking down the burden of every aspect of life, with innovation and technology, keeping the essence intact with every deed being improved by technology to increase productivity.

A digital makeover.

Is it simply digitalization for Medical Industry? Not really!

Digitalization is not just about mere marketing or building an online space for a profitable business. It’s been proved that technology saves lives, time again and again.

Right now, the health care industry is in the cusp of a third IT revolution and there is no perfect time like this to benefit from digitalization.

It is get digitalized or die in the customer-centric world.

Long gone are the time of record keeping and the painful uncertainty of the human body. With digital transformation, healthcare is metamorphosing into something magical and will be the bedrock for next-generation healthcare. It has the potential to transform operations, reduce medical cost and improve patient services and care.

What takes to shape the future of health care?

Health care is undergoing a seismic shift in how information is gathered and propagated. Digitalization makes doctors and patients stay on the same page. Now, patients have changed to active customers from passive recipients.

In fact, with the digital transformation, we have seen patient management and care handled with ease.

Up to this point of time, Zoondia has been on the leading edge of recognizing and responding to digitalization in the health care industry.

Since the origin, we have included integrating healthcare with IT in our attitude and frame our solution in that direction by consorting with industry-specific technology aiding to minimize the efforts of data manipulation and management with efficiency.

Each solution we have created matches the industry standards, specified for the associated entity making our customers and their needs the priority and keeping both the medical professionals and the patients as the centerpiece.

The milestones achieved by health care are incredible. Whether it is Telemedicine, IoT, Wearables, Robotics or Genomics, you name it, the present healthcare system has already reached that height.

With a surfeit of data across the medical industry, our team has been working on Blockchain and cloud computing for better analytics, organization, and deeper insights.

Along with its several potentials for encryption and secure storage, we experiment with Blockchain as a data management system in the healthcare industry: the patient data can be stored and shared among providers and help in increasing productivity and co-oversee treatments and diagnosis.

In the after years, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence will be the biggest disruption in the history of health care with a sweet touch of chatbots, where AI will transform the industry by facilitating Online diagnosis, Diagnostic Imaging, and Personal medical care.

Future technological innovation will keep transforming the medical industry and the perks it provides, yet while technologies will drive innovating the future alongside Zoondia and our piece of offering from the research and development team to the glory of digitalization.

It’s a new way to look at healthcare, which holds us all with the promise of easy access to the digital landscape.

Health 2.0 –What does the future look like?

A world where a person with a chronic illness will only feel like he has got a common cold. A medical infrastructure with at most advancement wrapped in innovative technologies, helping humankind and releasing us from age-related diseases.

What now looks like a science fiction movie, will become our everyday reality.

A connected health care system with IoT and manipulating the data with Cloud computing and Blockchain. A healthy human with a 3-D printed heart which beats, Artificial Intelligent Robot-assisted surgeries and drones delivering medicine in rural areas may seem a little weird now, which is not so far in the future.

In this Digital era, innovation should be the default mindset. When an industry is transforming it looks easy to just ride the wave and pray that you end up in the right spot in few years time. As a human life concerning industry, the medical industry is the one to most benefit from digitalization, we can either ignore the technological storm or embrace it and be one of the firsts to explore its real potential.

The choice is yours.