Leading mobile commerce trends of 2021

Leading mobile commerce trends of 2021

Smartphones have invaded private life and have become a part of it, due to which mobile commerce trends seem to evolve beyond expectations. Consumer buying habits have changed over the...

Leading mobile commerce trends of 2021Post Date : 20-Sep-2021zoondia

Smartphones have invaded private life and have become a part of it, due to which mobile commerce trends seem to evolve beyond expectations. Consumer buying habits have changed over the years which marks the further evolution of mobile commerce trends in the future. Getting a customized mobile app developed by the best app development company has a crucial role to play in this. 

The statistics related to online mobile purchase show around 80% of interest in mobile online purchase among consumers. The global smartphone market surges even more though the selling price of smartphones is on the increase. 

Prime mobile commerce trends of 2021

Online mobile App purchase

M-commerce has got a firm hold over the global market share even though the methods of using mobiles are constantly changing. People find it handier to use a mobile app to explore the possibilities of a product rather than relying on internet browsers. Mobile shopping apps seem to have a better conversion rate than mobile-optimized websites. The unmatched mobile app services provided to your customers would get your business to flourish even more. 

Companies and businesses are well aware of the need to target mobile users as it is the easiest means of entering the private space of consumers. Hence get a custom mobile app designed to stay ahead in the market as, no place is reserved, but is meant to be occupied. 

Potential of social media in m-commerce

 Social media is where customers spend most of their time, hence you need to reach out to them making social media a tool. Instead, there are several means available that can be used by sellers to exhibit their products, promote their brands, respond to customer queries, and merge with other social media platforms to expand their business. 

Social media platform also turns out be the best place to know about new product launches, its reviews and the like, thereby easily convincing the consumer. Sharing of product details with real images by customers who already bought them has a great impact on consumers, as things become more transparent. 

Voice Assistance and eCommerce

With the widespread pandemic that hasn’t completely subsided, people still find it difficult to communicate effectively. As social distancing is still in existence, people find voice assistance friendly and effective. There are several benefits when a mobile app development procedure incorporates voice assistance within, as it enables easier purchase which is both fast and innovative. By the end of 2022, the use of voice-oriented search will reach around $40 billion as more than 46% of users move forward with voice search which they find effective for both search and navigation. 

Benefits of mobile wallets 

The notable benefit of using a mobile wallet is that is of secure access. Other than using a password or fingerprint security, it also has app security such as passcode or fingerprint scanning which is essential to confirm the payment. Additionally, a customized mobile app with effective purchase means should also have an easy payment wallet as customers find it comfortable to make easier payments using quickly accessible and convenient mobile wallets. 

Ease in ordering and avoiding monotony

One-click ordering has become more common these days. It is important to save time during a purchase rather than making users give all the personal information and card details repeatedly for each purchase. Using this customized technology retailers or companies can optimize their sales even further. The method is both time-saving as well as convenient for the conversion to sales rather than the customer leaving the purchase midway. 

AR and VR tech in mobile commerce

To provide the customers with an enhanced experience, companies have encompassed AR and VR tech into their mobile apps. The best mobile software solutions can empower you with unsurpassed AR and VR experiences to achieve better sales. By implementing AR and VR, the outlook on products can be transformed in a better way by brands giving the consumers an improved and effective understanding of the products. 

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As mobile device penetration increases regularly, m-commerce will thrive even more in no time. Your desire to enliven your business and taking it higher by making increased conversions to sales can be made a reality by our experts who can design an exclusive custom mobile app, Zoondia being one of the leading mobile app service designers and providers in the industry.