IoT Improving The Water Treatment Industry

IoT Improving The Water Treatment Industry

With expeditious urbanization, one of the most essential natural resources- water is becoming scarce rapidly. Water is not only used for general and commercial purposes but also for industrial applications as well....

IoT Improving The Water Treatment IndustryPost Date : 05-Nov-2021zoondia

With expeditious urbanization, one of the most essential natural resources- water is becoming scarce rapidly. Water is not only used for general and commercial purposes but also for industrial applications as well.

About 71 % of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, with the oceans accounting for about 96.5 % of all of the earth’s water. Yet less than 2% of the water available on the earth’s surface is consumable. Hence, it is becoming a binding need to start incorporating treated water as an option to meet the global water demands.

Testing the quality of water is an integral part of operations in industries like water treatment and management, chemical, manufacturing, petroleum, agriculture, wastewater treatment, etc.

By setting up a water treatment plant in its facility, a company can prevent environmental harm and potential threat to human health. Through the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, solutions that are rich in monitoring, analytical, and automation features can be developed.

Companies can bring about an overall change by implementing Internet of Things (IoT) technology to help make water management more efficient and safer for consumers and workers. In the industries such as water and wastewater treatment, an emerging technology in the market is the use of sensors, which is forecast to grow to over $2Bn by 2030.

Contribution of IoT in wastewater management

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The pioneering IoT technology, with its advanced features and capabilities, allows water utilities to supply the required amount of potable and safe water to end consumers, optimize water treatment processes, and improve the potential of their water distribution system.

Internet of Things creates a network of physical objects via numerous sensors as endpoints, enabling remote monitoring on a large scale. In a wastewater management system, this network enables the concerned authorities to inspect and control different operations in the water treatment plant.

Implementation of IoT in the water treatment and management systems helps authorities in tracking the composition of water and establishing EAM (equipment asset management) and CMMS (computerized maintenance management) systems. These systems together with IoT permits the accumulation of performance and operation related data of the entire treatment plant. This data can be availed by the authorities to make apt decisions while optimizing the overall operations of the plant.

The potential of Water Management can be enhanced with IoT:

  • Companies can supervise and track, in real-time, the volume of water stored in tanks and in due course manage supply and demand conditions
  • Multi-parameter measuring sensors and probes can be used to monitor water quality parameters (WQPs) like turbidity, pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), and salinity
  • Utilities can incorporate smart water meters to monitor the amount of water consumed by end-users in real-time
  • IoT in wastewater treatment can be used to identify the contaminants mixed in wastewater such as pathogens, metals, synthetic chemicals, total submerged solids (TSS) and subsequently pass them through different treatment channels to clean them in a cost-effective manner
  • IoT enables data ingestion for EAM and CMMS in the water treatment plant which elevates data gathering capabilities and establishes real-time monitoring in its infrastructure

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