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Importance of Data Analytics in an Organization

To improve and enhance the performance and profit is the main goal for any organization. With the help of data analytics large amount of information can be analyzed and processed...

Importance of Data Analytics in an OrganizationPost Date : 19-Mar-2021Zoondia

To improve and enhance the performance and profit is the main goal for any organization. With the help of data analytics large amount of information can be analyzed and processed to be made to useful data for future analysis. By using various analytics tools the IT data analytics organizations can cut the cost, improve processes and boost overall organizational operability.

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According to a recent survey done by Forbes about 40 percent of the projects done by US companies use data analytics to make informed decisions. By 2022 the data analytics industry will bring in 274 billion which is a 64% increase from 2018 revenue.

Data analytics drift that will enhance the IT industry

  • Data analytics will help vendors in the IT industry to discover customer-centric metrics to measure and screen overall performance on a couple of parameters that help companies on brand perception and measure client satisfaction.
  • The IT industries are constantly working on improving the security framework to remove data security issues with the arrival of data analytics and similar business intelligence services.
  • To simplify business processes and offer valuable insights, advanced data analytics software will be used increasingly in the coming days by vendors in the IT industry.

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Organizational Benefits

  • Better Decision Making

With the help of data analytics companies can eliminate the guesswork from choosing what content to create, product development , to campaigns and more. It provides you with comprehensive knowledge on your customers so that you can meet their needs.

  • Efficient Marketing

By understanding the audience better ,you can market to them more   effectively. Using data analytics gives you valuable insights on the performance of your campaign so that you can adjust for better outcomes.

  • Improved Customer Service

By getting more insights about the customer, data analytics helps to tailor customer service to their needs, provide more customization and build strong relationships with them. By having a central hub for this data will ensure that both your customer service and sales and marketing team are on the same page.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency

By having a good understanding of the customers, you don’t have to waste time on creating ads and content that don’t match customer needs. All thanks to data analytics which helps save cost and boost revenue through increased conversions.

Technologies in Data Analytics

  • Machine Learning: The basic definition of artificial intelligence is the modeling of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and imitate their behavior. In the case of Machine Learning ,it can learn algorithms on its own. It enables an application to read data and predict outcomes rather than someone explicitly programming the system to reach a conclusion.
  • Data Management: The flow of data in and out of the system comes prior to data analytics. A data management program is very important as it helps ensure that your organization is on the same page regarding how to organize and handle data.
  • Data mining: The process of sorting through large data in order to identify  patterns and relationships between data points. It figures out what is important and using this information you can conduct analysis to inform your decision.
  • Predictive analysis : This technology analyses old data to predict the future and likelihood of future outcomes. Accurate predictions can help businesses make better decisions which will in turn nurture the growth of the business.

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