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Focus Shift to Mobile App Development

2020 dealt the human race with a blow through the devastating global pandemic, Covid-19. It forced us into a locked-up lifestyle and caused people to isolate from each other, limiting...

Focus Shift to Mobile App DevelopmentPost Date : 01-Mar-2021Zoondia

2020 dealt the human race with a blow through the devastating global pandemic, Covid-19. It forced us into a locked-up lifestyle and caused people to isolate from each other, limiting social interaction to very less or nil. This also drastically affected the balance of many profitable businesses. According to an estimation done by the UN, 81% of the world’s workplace was closed fully or partially due to the outbreak.

The economic impact has already been between $160 billion (5.6 percent of GDP)and $175 billion(6.0 percent of GDP).Many businesses had to wrap up due to the decline in their market value. Paper and book production companies, gas and oil drilling, leisure facilities, etc were mainly hit hard.

Zoondia too had to go through similar obstacles during the pandemic period. Even after having more than 12 years of presence in the IT field, Zoondia also had to restructure its organizational pattern to cope with the situation .The “new normal” had created difficulties in almost all sectors but Zoondia identified the increase in the need for mobile applications development and usage and so focused on it.

 Even if some industries got affected really badly due to pandemic some of the sectors had high opportunities for growth. Mobile app development was one of the most profitable industries during the time of the pandemic. The elevation in the app downloads during the time of pandemic made a lot of companies revamp their products to digital services. The increase in demand for services led to a rise in the number of apps that people began to depend on, thus paving the way for a spike in the usage of mobile phones.


Some of the major mobile app categories that had more demand and downloads were

  • Healthcare Apps
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Delivery Apps Industry
  • Social Networking Apps Industry
  • Education Apps Industry
  • Digital payment apps
  • Digital transformation

These sectors provided a great opportunity for mobile app development industries to innovate their services and products. During the pandemic, due to the regulations and restrictions, these applications helped people to make their inevitable daily routines possible.

Though the pandemic lockdown was lifted, the usage of mobile applications continued, leading to an intensely tech-driven cult among us. Entertainment-oriented OTT apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime are now part of our lifestyle. These OTT apps have made a drastic change in the perspective of people towards the entertainment industry by implementation of more user-friendly specifications.

Delivery applications also have opened up a plethora of opportunities in the employment sector by making food delivery more convenient and comfortable with the tap of a button.

Zoondia has developed more than 200+ mobile applications for the past 12 years and can clearly proclaim that this introduction to a new lifestyle, which is more tech-oriented, can bring so many changes to our society. We always look forward to adopting new technologies for implementing in our projects so that it can leverage the quality of our work.





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