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Flutter- the next mobile app revolution

A new aisle for creating cross-platform mobile application has been perceived with the arrival of a new technology, FLUTTER. So, here is about Flutter and the fluttering it has been...

Flutter- the next mobile app revolutionPost Date : 09-Apr-2019

A new aisle for creating cross-platform mobile application has been perceived with the arrival of a new technology, FLUTTER. So, here is about Flutter and the fluttering it has been creating. Right the next day after the release of its beta version, we couldn’t help checking out Flutter. So, we decided to plunge into the benefits offered by the newbie. And here is our experience on using this cool SDK.

Needless to say, Google announced Flutter in its beta 2 version (stable version) on December 4, 2018. Earlier in 2017 Google released the early alpha phase of Flutter and since then it’s been the talk of the town. Flutter is an open-sourced software development kit (SDK) developed by Google for both Android and iOS platforms to build cross-platform customized apps, a break away from the “cookie-cutter” apps of the past.

Well Flutter, the new kid on the block came with hot new features. A development environment for building native experiences for Android and iOS from a single codebase.

  • The creation of highly responsive native apps for both Android and iOS platforms at the same time was made easy breezy. Flutter uses a new language (not altogether new) Dart which is majorly influenced by JavaScript and Java. Developers familiar with Kotlin can find it pretty simple.
  • The key advantage in Flutter is that it provides reactive views without the need for JavaScript bridge, which eventually increases the performance.
  • Unlike React Native it has its own high-performance 2D rendering engine ‘Skia’ with a thin layer of C, C++ code wrapping.
  • Featuring stateful hot reloading: a developer’s dreams come true. Bye-Bye to the endless mind-numbing build/wait/test/wait/start over.
  • The application is compiled ahead-of-time into native ARM code, not at run time as in React Native.
  • Flutter is also based on ‘unidirectional data flow’ architecture, or reactive programming. The app reacts to the state of the screen or view and the UI is re-painted according to the new state (conveniently).
  • Flutter framework is enriched with UI rendering components which removes the need to use third-party libraries. This means you have everything in it to build a mobile app. Widgets are everything in Flutter.

Flutter paints its own UI in a customized manner, most people may ask ‘So what?’ for the non-geeky friends of you and mine who bother only about how pretty and beautiful the app is, it can be the golden goose. Then again, the UI, most changes are applied immediately while the app is still running; this can save most time for UI heavy apps.

Why choose flutter for your business?

As we said Flutter is the newest, brightest and smartest SDK. Probably the best technology out there to build cross-platform apps. Thanks to Google for giving us such an amazing framework which is really flexible for the developers and your business as well.

  • It can get you the widest user base in a short period of time. If you are a startup starting from scratch and aims to release an app in cross- platforms, then flutter will work perfectly for you.
  • As it takes short time and less work the bucks you throw will automatically be small (who wouldn’t love some savings!)
  • Time taken for testing and quality assurance has been reduced due to the single codebase.
  • We said it once but going to say it again (anyway). You can lure the users to your app with the alluring UI it can provide and make them come back to you again.
  • Short period-check, low cost- double check, insanely beautiful app- Amazing!!

Here is the final verdict, until now React native was the only popular framework for cross-platform solutions. But you have to explore the tech world! Flutter is simple and you can get gorgeous native apps in record time. The framework is relatively young, and it’s still growing and developing. And it is safe to say it has a bright future.

Well, with the introduction of Flutter, cross-platform app development has reached a new dimension and we are looking forward to what Google is going to do to improve the Flutter even further. Meanwhile, with the aid of this latest technology, we are soaring towards new heights.

By Technical Team – Zoondia