Custom Retail Solutions to surge your business to the next level

Custom Retail Solutions to surge your business

The advancements in technology have influenced both large-scale and small-scale industries. The retail sector has also been intensely progressive by utilizing the cutting-edge custom applications handy in the market. The...

Custom Retail Solutions to surge your businessPost Date : 23-Aug-2021Zoondia

The advancements in technology have influenced both large-scale and small-scale industries. The retail sector has also been intensely progressive by utilizing the cutting-edge custom applications handy in the market. The choice made with proper vision and precision is the key to scale higher in this competitive world. 


The best software development company with expert developers should be the priority to this end. The accurate representation of one’s brand that conveys the right idea to attract customers is of prime importance.


Companies of various sizes can rely on our custom retail software solutions. Our experts can create retail software that suits your business. We help you build your business through personalized custom retail solutions that are crucial for the steady growth and profit-oriented functioning of your business, be it a small shop or a chain of Several POS. 


Key Benefits of Custom e-commerce solutions


Custom retail software has subjected the e-commerce of retail sectors to complete optimization. Hence it is important to develop retail software which can integrate with any retail business. 


  1. Store-Task Automation


           Several store tasks are deeply important, however, time-consuming, which can be automated for effective functioning. The decisive tasks in a retail business such as price regulation, billing, payroll records, and returns processing, once automated, shall be more error-free as well as aid the retailers to keep steady track of all the activities within.


  1. Support increased web traffic


           A common issue that most of the sites face is the increased web traffic. This can be easily solved with well-crafted, custom retail software that, which eventually would increase sales volume. The customers of the time are keener on performance, functionality, and speed.


  1. Effective Inventory management enabling better customer service


           Once an order is placed you should be able to fulfil the order, to offer an appealing customer experience. The best custom retail software can facilitate an effective and accurate inventory engagement. This, in turn, administers retail businesses to track inventory levels, further alerting management of the reduced stock before their complete depletion.


Moreover, the customer experience can be enhanced further with effective automation done in the majority of the internal tasks, and employees can engage exclusively with customers. Apart from that, the marketing team can intimate personalized recommendations based on their purchase history. 


Retail software types


There are two main kinds of retail software.


The on-premise software is to be installed in a local server which manages activities manually through a team including updates and problem solving.


The software as a service is handier as well as advanced, as it performs automated tasks where updates, innovative features and patches are all applied automatically without any manual interference, thereby avoiding human prone errors. 


Different types of retail software solutions


  • Point of Sales (POS) software
  • Inventory management software
  • Payment processing software
  • Retail ERP systems


Arrive at your desires with ease


The search facility ensures that the customers reach their intended product without struggle. The software holds provisions to update, list, categorize and provide information on products based on customer choice.


The product catalogueillustrates to your customers the product you sell coupled with a lot of information such as product name, image, description, price, and even the discounts available on it.


Placing order and delivery done effortlessly


The ordering system that the e-commerce software provides allows the customers to place their orders, filling their cart, calculating the total, and collecting the shipping and billing addresses along with the payment and other customized information required during the ordering process.


In addition, the shopping cart feature grants the customers the possibility to group their products in a single cart where delivery methods and payment are demanded. 




Custom retail software is one of the crux competencies of Zoondia. We hold the top position as the best software solutions in the industry. With our expert team and cutting-edge technology, we can be your devoted partner for your software solutions, which could scale your business even higher. 


If you wish to know more about our custom retail software for effective shop management or tailored retail software, you may contact our team.