B2B E-commerce Apps Transforming Business Operations

B2B E-commerce Apps Transforming Business Operations

The world of B2B eCommerce is flourishing day by day. The rapid expansion of the B2B industry is set to outperform and vanquish the development of B2C eCommerce in the...

B2B E-commerce Apps Transforming Business OperationsPost Date : 19-May-2021Zoondia

The world of B2B eCommerce is flourishing day by day. The rapid expansion of the B2B industry is set to outperform and vanquish the development of B2C eCommerce in the coming period.

Latest Statistics forecast that the numbers of B2B E-commerce growth will reach $1.8 trillion by 2023.

Have a look at some of the benefits of B2B E-commerce Applications.

Attain Potential Customers Anytime, Anywhere

The emerging technologies pave the way to accomplish thriving customer acquisition, and the rise in B2B eCommerce enables the availability of B2B buyers globally. Moreover, B2B eCommerce allows access to new stores, locations, catalog of products, categories, and more. Marketplace Mobile App & Hypermarket E-commerce App from Zoondia are the perfect example.

Rapid Order Fulfillment with Cloud-Based eCommerce

E-commerce enables B2B sellers to fasten the order fulfillment procedures through the advanced cloud-based eCommerce platform for order processing and tracking. Cloud-based e-commerce platforms have built-in order management systems that handle the entire supply chain as an interlinked system that allows suppliers to automate their internal operations from order to fulfillment.

Detailed Analytics with Enhanced Insights

Merging business software like ERP, PIM, Procurement, CRM, avails to get quick insights and helps to arrive at essential business decisions to manage the business activities promptly.

Following is a chart depicting the usage distribution of various ecommerce technologies in the USA.

ecommerce usage diagram

Accomplish Your B2B Ecommerce Requisite with Zoondia

The B2B customers are moving closer to the internet, and this is high time for B2B businesses to implement digital transformation and engage in the online market.

Adopting our Ecommerce application development service for your business will help kick off the brand’s digital presence and effective sales strategy. Zoondia is the  Top Ecommerce and Retail App Development Company that bestows favorable impacts on the business of e-commerce and retailers.

Our E-commerce Services Includes

  • E-commerce strategy Planning
  • Magento Web design and development
  • Enhanced Systems Integration and management
  • Safe & Secure Payment Gateway
  • Online Advertising

Our eCommerce and Retail App Development gives you the business benefits over your contenders. Zoondia has been an effective player in the IT market for 13 years, and our expert team can deliver tailored IT solutions for your business. Feel free to contact us for your enquiries and queries.



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    Thank you for this interesting article on the evolution of b2b e-Commerce.

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