SEO vs ASO: Why Do You Need Two Strategies?

ASO vs SEO: Why & How They Are Different Across Mobile and Web

Companies these days tend to invest more in websites and mobile apps to increase their presence in the digital world. Hence has become competitive when it comes to meeting the...

ASO vs SEO: Why & How They Are Different Across Mobile and WebPost Date : 27-Sep-2021Zoondia

Companies these days tend to invest more in websites and mobile apps to increase their presence in the digital world. Hence has become competitive when it comes to meeting the requirements of the clients and leading the industry.

To optimize and leverage organic growth companies either opt for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites and App Store Optimization (ASO) for mobile apps. Even though the strategies used in both these tools are different, they maintain certain similarities such as the long-term keyword optimization employed in both.

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ASO and SEO: Defining the purpose

ASO is the process of enhancing an App’s visibility in the app stores to improve organic app downloads. Apps are more visible when they can be arranged based on a lot of search terms, maintaining an elevated position in the chart or when they get featured by the app store.

SEO, on the other hand, is a similar process but that which is done for optimizing web pages in the organic search. The prime motive is to drive more traffic to your website. Getting notified is the key to better sales and improved profit.

ASO vs SEO – What is the right choice?

The question has always remained confusing and debatable as both have got their benefits and uniqueness. While ASO is about visibility conversion rate to download on the stores, SEO does the same but on web search. In terms of search queries, ASO tends to have more functional queries which are intensely related to the specific features of an app. SEO, meanwhile, makes transactional queries targeting to make on better sales. 

The ranking factors in ASO and SEO

The ranking factors of both SEO and ASO remain almost the same with minimal differences based on their varied objectives. There are two basic ranking factors namely, the on-page and off-page ranking factors. The on-page ASO ranking factors are dependent on the App title and subtitle along with the keyword density and description.

Apart from that, the in-app purchases and the publisher’s name also stand as a parameter while considering ASO ranking factors. SEO on-page ranking factors are almost similar; however, more importance is given to the content. Prime importance is given to the keywords and the quality, relevance, and structure of the content.

ASO off-page rankings are determined by the number of downloads, conversion rates, and reviews and ratings. Furthermore, crash rates, as well as backlinks, are also taken into account in the case of off-page rankings. Even though backlinks are considered in terms of SEO off-page rankings the domain authority, page speed, and even the time spent on the page along with the click-through rate and bounce rate are of major concern.

Key distinguishers between SEO and ASO

Both SEO and ASO serve as guides for search algorithms and the methods used for this differ to a great extent. This depends on what owners can optimize and the search query intention of the users.

Optimization means 

The details found on the app’s listing are what can be optimized practically with ASO, which is limited when compared to the possibilities with SEO. This is mainly due to the limited constraints, with ready access to your content, deciding what to include within. However, with SEO there is a higher chance of dominating the SERP which is often not the case with ASO.

Search Intent 

 With regards to the broadness of scope, SEO remains vaster in comparison to ASO, as the aim of the user is to search for information rather than for a tool, for problem-solving. Instead, ASO provides the user with a tool that benefits them in a way to solve a problem in existence, either personally or for the sake of a business.


Both SEO and ASO have their own benefits based on the difference in platform, with a view to optimize search results, providing better visibility.

Deciding between the right optimization method is crucial for enhancing conversion to sales.

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