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5G- Leveraging IT Business Growth

5G is open for business, let’s start innovating. How 5G Helps In Business? 5G, The fifth generation of wireless mobile technology. Being the successor of 4G, 5G possesses more technical...

5G- Leveraging IT Business GrowthPost Date : 25-Feb-2021Zoondia

5G is open for business, let’s start innovating. How 5G Helps In Business?

5G, The fifth generation of wireless mobile technology. Being the successor of 4G, 5G possesses more technical advancements like lower latency, faster speeds, and greater load capacity. According to studies, it is said that 5G provides 10 to 20 times faster download speed and browsing compared to 4G.

IT companies rely a lot on the digital network and mobile applications for their business growth, especially during the time of pandemic were all communications and marketing is done through online media. Hence the introduction of 5G will be a great opportunity for the enhancement of IT service management.

Data and mobility are more critical among contemporary business industries, as the emerging IT trends
are crucial for business operations and the internet is considered the topmost priority. Most of the
companies nowadays are getting updated with the use of the internet.

Studies show that more than 66% of companies are going to implement 5G by the year 2021. By improvising the mobile network reliability and lightning-fast data transferring, 5G will be a go-to solution for the business industry.

Faster Connection Speeds –The most projected advancement that 5G offers is the Connectivity speed. While 4G offers a maximum speed of 100 megabits per second, 5G pushes its limit to a staggering 10 gigabits per second. As the amount of data shared in the big enterprises per day is exceeding the capability of 4G, 5G paves a way for efficient connectivity.

Higher Device Capacity – Nowadays offices are utilizing more devices for transferring huge amounts of data. An increase in this high load of data transfer created a vigorous task for 4G in handling. That’s where 5G comes into play, being able to support more than one million connected devices per 0.38 square miles while 4G supports just 2000. Through this support system with high bandwidth, 5G enables to host a large number of devices in IT infrastructures.

Lower latency –Time taken in between sending and receiving data is called data latency. High latency results in noticeable lag. For example, while we are watching a football match the live telecast always has a lag in time frame compared to that of the real-time match. While 5G has been introduced to businesses, the superior high-speed network connection will help to wipe out this lag issue.

Industry digitalization is happening

With 5G, industries all over the world can innovate and rise to their full potential. A broad array of use cases and service providers that have enabled smart business are Smart factory: Automation, Smart factory: Real-time, Connected vehicles, Smart office, Health, Smart port

Explore the 5G business opportunities

To have a fully digitized business operation cycle, a powerful network connection is a must. During the time of the pandemic, Zoondia was completely functional with the help of cloud services with low latency period. To connect with more than 300+ customers and 150 employees and to maintain a proper work flow and to get quicker response, 5G would be most ideal.

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