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Established in 2008, Zoondia came about in order to fill a gap in the mobile, cloud and web applications market. Created to supply the demand for affordable and efficient development outsourcing solutions, Zoondia came about as a result of the pooling together of the top technological development talents of India. We have a large operations facility in Technopark, Trivandrum Kerala India but we also maintain offices in several parts of the US and Middle East. We take pride in our team of highly trained, committed, and talented professionals who come from a diverse set of backgrounds such as Open Source technologies computing and Java programming.

Zoondia is a leading provider of technology solutions and custom software development, one who is dedicated to the development of customized, creative and affordable solutions that can meet the needs of our expanding clients. Through leveraging of our skills in the most advanced information technology, we are able to assist our clients in boosting productivity, efficiency and workflow. We consider ourselves as experts and innovators in the fields of mobile applications technology, cloud application development, custom software development, Web design architecture, Business Catalyst Development, Internet/Intranet application development, SEO building, e-Commerce, and graphic design.

Our commitment to offering an exceptional experience to our clients is unmatched, delivered through a means of education and personal attention to detail. Our goal is to help our clients to enjoy the technology they use, and reap the benefits it can provide for their businesses’ profits and productivity. This level of commitment makes the Zoondia experience truly unique.

These days, all too often we see IT companies offering solutions but nothing that goes beyond this basic service. Companies like these fix your software before moving on without carrying out a thorough analysis and understanding of what your company’s IT needs are. Here at Zoondia, we do things the right way. We take the time to get to know what it is you want, through understanding your business and the way it operates. This, together with our commitment to seeing your business thrive, is what sets us apart from the competition.

Advantages 1. Strong Project management

We have a highly dedicated project management team which is committed to ensuring that your needs and wants are thoroughly met. They will be with you, in every step of the way, from start to finish of your project, helping you in all facets of management, from administering manpower to resource allocation

2. Improving quality standards

As a testament to our adherence to excellence, we have undergone an ISO implementation process for getting ISO certification, in order to ensure our standards with highly-esteemed world class companies. All of our established methodologies have undergone intensive scrutiny and testing to make sure that they meet our exacting standards.

3. Good english speaking and writing manpower.

We know how important communication is to the success of projects. At Zoondia, all our employees have a strong command of the English language, both in verbal and written form.

4. High client satisfaction

Our ultimate objective has always been to create and deliver solutions that will make our clients happy and satisfied. That is the main reason why we strive to involve you in all stages of project development. Your feedback and opinion is highly valuable to us and we use these as gauges on how well we are doing our job.

5. High quality and dedicated resource.

Zoondia has the right infrastructure, technologies, and manpower in place to help you achieve your goals and objectives. We take exceptional pride in our talented pool of professionals who all display an unshakeable passion for excellence and success.

Business ModelDedicated offshore team

Having a dedicated offshore team is a great complement to an already existing, in-house software team. And as a cost-effective solution, nothing beats the benefits provided by a dedicated offshore team for your programming or computing projects. You have full control on who and how many to hire. You can easily downscale or ramp up your team to match your workflow expectations. You can select staff that possesses the skills and experience that is suited to your needs and requirements. We at Zoondia have a pool of ready to deploy professionals of diverse expertise and backgrounds, such as project management, IT development, quality assurance, server administration and technical consulting.

You are allowed to correspond with your team so that they will be kept abreast of project objectives, goals, or any changes/modifications therewith. Zoondia can also easily handle projects that require a sustained commitment. We can quickly assemble the right infrastructure and resources for jobs that are long term in nature.

Fixed Time / Fixed Price Projects

Zoondia also accepts fixed time/fixed price projects. A client would provide Zoondia his requirements in detail so that we would be able to estimate the amount of resources that would be needed. Work specifics such as deliverables, milestones, support period and timelines will be discussed jointly with the customer. We would then present our client with our project recommendations and cost estimates and only upon mutual agreement would work commence.

For an additional fee, Zoondia would act upon any revision request that is not included in the provisions of an initially agreed upon project contract.

Time and Materials Projects

Zoondia understands that not all outsourcing projects are the same and that some have unique characteristics and requirements. In this aspect, Zoondia offer solutions for projects that require flexible or limited engagements where customers can on short notice disengage the services of Zoondia. For these types of jobs, clients are charged a reasonable monthly fee which is dependent on the size, structure and composition of their team.

Hire a resource model

No job is too big or small for Zoondia. For small and short term projects, you could hire a dedicated resource model or a small team of professionals. You can handpick people who possesses the skills that you need from our pool of highly qualified staff. You are given full control of your resource model/team and you can personally oversee his /their work to ensure that the quality of his/their output is in line with your goals and objectives. For teams of 3 or more resource professionals, Zoondia will assign you a Project Manager to help you better in managing your personnel.

Why Outsource

In today’s highly competitive market, outsourcing has emerged to become one of the most viable solutions to lowering operational costs of businesses. For a considerably less amount of money, you will have access to manpower and talent that can otherwise drain your budget and weigh heavily on your expenses. If you have a relatively short term project that requires a certain degree of specialization and expertise, then it is but practical to go the outsourcing route. You don’t have to spend on buying infrastructure, equipment or leasing office space. You are also able to save time and resources on finding the right type of people for your needs.

With outsourcing you can better manage your timelines for deliverables as you can impose penalties for late turnarounds or submissions. And since many projects that are outsourced are considered to be non-core in nature by clients, outsourcing allows businesses to focus their energies and resources to developing their core products and services.

Benefits of Outsourcing

There are many benefits that you can gain from outsourcing but these can be narrowed down to two highly valuable variables that all businesses appreciate having more of: time and money. For much less than what you will pay if you source a particular project locally, you will be able to achieve your desired outcome or output in a timely and efficient fashion. You can assign all project activities to us, saving you valuable time and resources. You also don’t need to find space for additional employees nor refurbish existing facilities, which are things that can translate into time and monetary savings, all of which you can channel to more lucrative activities.


We have the right people, infrastructure and facilities for all your computing needs, regardless of complexity and size. We also conduct continuous staff training to make sure that the skills of our employees remain fresh and up to date. Our employees are highly trained and experts in their fields. We can mobilize teams in a short amount of time and our facilities are always ready for immediate use

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