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Zoondia approaches every engagement as a partnership. We judge our success by how well you succeed. Our proven strategy for building interactive web, mobile, and social solutions ensures that you get the results you asked for on time and on budget. In our model, you get to choose how our expert resources work. They can be fully visible to your clients as part of your team, or they can be silent partners working in the background with no direct client contact. Our partnership strategy has enabled us to deliver over 250 projects to more than 50 satisfied clients since 2008.

Here’s what makes partnering with Zoondia for your development such a delight:

We Actually Listen to You

The only thing worse than the feeling you get at the end of a development project that doesn’t meet the original need is the time and cost to fix it. At Zoondia, we won’t let that happen to you. The difference starts with listening. All of our resources are trained to listen and ask questions that keep the focus on the client need instead of the implementation details. Our standard templates for gathering requirements make sure that all of the details get captured and communicated to everyone involved.

We Offer a Flexible Partnership Model for You

At Zoondia, we let you pick the best way for our team to work with yours. We offer project based models (both fixed price and time and materials) and staff augmentation models. We are particularly excited about our hybrid offshore model, which leverages a US based engagement manager as the primary point of contact for you. This gives you the same efficient communications as working with a local partner while keeping the cost efficiency of an offshore provider. During our initial meeting with you, we’ll evaluate your goals and constraints and help you choose the model which best fits your needs.

We Hire the Right Resources for You

Everyone knows that India has a large and growing pool of talented technical resources like software developers. Struggles in outsourcing projects don’t usually come from a lack of technical ability on the part of the engineer. They come from communications barriers between the onshore and offshore teams. To avoid those challenges, we exclusively recruit resources who have excellent abilities in written and spoken English. Additionally, we look for resources who are experienced in working cross-culturally with American teams and provide them with ongoing coaching regarding cultural issues that impact communications and expectations. All of our engineers have a minimum of three years of experience in software development in cross-cultural contexts.

We Continuously Monitor the Engagement with You

Regardless of the partnership model you choose, we will have regular status meetings with you to closely track the progress of your work. We identify risks and issues as early as possible, and we take care of them. If you have a preferred system for tracking work items and issues, we are happy to use it. If you do not, we will give you access to our work item management software (Redmine). For project based work, we focus on incremental, iterative delivery so that you can touch and see working code very quickly. That gives you the maximum opportunity to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want even if your client is causing changes in requirements.

We Can Help You Now

At Zoondia, we are committed to responsiveness and quick turnaround. Whatever your interactive marketing challenge is, we’d love to talk with you about it. If you will send a brief email describing your need to , we will schedule a time to talk to you within the next 24 hours. Other means of contacting us can be found on our contact page

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